Breathtaking sunset with motorcylce

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Work has been CRAZY.

If you’ve been following my little website here, you’d know that last month I was promoted and started a new job. It has been very hectic but I am finally getting situated. My life has been a lot like that new song by Rihanna, work work work work. (or something like that)

I would love to be more active on my blog, like I said, I’ve always found peace and quiet with typing my thoughts on a page.

Like I said, things are finally starting to calm down. It was literally one thing after another and before I knew it, I was spending money on repairs like every weekend. I did get that storm damage taken care of that I mentioned in my last post. (Check it out here)

The last thing I have on my plate before my life is normalized again is getting my damn HVAC units replaced, can you believe those suckers crapped out on me??

If you’ve never had this happen, just know you’re lucky and I hope you never experience this. Luckily I am an Elite Club Member with Robison & Robison Services, a local HVAC company in Manassas.

Regardless, here is a breath taking image I managed to sneak away from my life and take.

Breathtaking sunset with motorcylce

I think what I find so captivating about this image is the power of the sun. In perspective of this picture, it looks so small. I know you’re not supposed to look into the sun but I can’t help it sometimes. I don’t do it long enough to harm myself but I trust that you will keep this a secret for me.

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If you haven’t learned it by now, I like to take pictures and talk about them

So today, I would like to share another picture and express myself.

I love my dog very much and I really enjoy taking pictures of her.

While I do like the snow, I don’t like it nearly as much as she does and I have a few assumptions as to why that might be..

First of all,

I don’t have fur.

I can only imagine having fur must make things quite uncomfortable at times.


It can be rare to get snow in Virginia, especially two feet like in the picture below. Virginia is not equipped to handle two feet or more of snow. Like I said, it’s quite rare.

But whether it’s snow, rain, wind, or all three together, storms can have quite an impact on things around them. You’d be surprised at exactly how heavy two feet of snow on parts of your roof is.

These winter storms sure left their mark and I had a roofing contractor come out and assess our roof and its damages.

I also believe it has something to do with the breed. German Shepherds are fantastic dogs and are quite adaptable to most surroundings.

Good Bye Winter

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If this is the first post you’re seeing, allow me to introduce myself and my wonderful blog. My name is Joe, I really enjoy writing and expressing my thoughts with words on a page.

I know, I’m a rare breed but it really helps me keep a level head (I recommend giving it a try)

Regardless, here I will post about anything I so desire.

To kick this off, here is a beautiful sunset taken with my Nikon camera

April Sunset