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Ethics In Business

I wanted to devote this post to ethics, because I feel that this world desperately needs more people aware of this. There is nothing that pains me more than unethical people. This is because typically when it comes to being unethical, it also means being dishonest and someone gets hurt in the process. It’s no secret that people with power or the ability to help people take shortcuts to maximize their own self-gain when they have the chance to truly improve someones life. Something as simple as contractors telling homeowners they need a repair when they don’t. Or when surgeons push for a surgery that’s minuscule in benefits but quite costly. There are millions of examples, and thousands of new ones being added everyday.

First and foremost, it comes from people just being bad people. However, your chances of being done wrong in this way are significantly reduced if you research the subject a bit more beforehand. I know I know, that’s not your job and that’s why you’re asking a “professional” for help in the first place. The fact of the matter is, you must do your own research. Figure out how things work, understand the basics, and ask questions! Unfortunately, at the end of the day you’re at the mercy of the person in front of you, while research will help. there is always room for error.

Take this ethical¬†pool cleaning company for example – I had the pleasure of working along side what I believe is the most honest and ethical company out there, especially in the pool industry. They provide monthly and weekly maintenance for homeowners. They are in a position where ethical behavior is very important. They have the chance to wrong people everyday, telling them they need repairs, or certain cleaning procedures, or using more expensive chemicals. Like I’ve said, the list goes on. Instead, this company is as honest as it gets. They tell it to you straight, at least from what I’ve seen. I’m an honest person myself so I always appreciate like-minded individuals. Nothing speaks louder than honest and ethical work. I’ve seen too many times, in all industries where the owner is simply there to make a quick profit and will start spewing lies like its nothing. I believe in karma, if you treat people well, then you will be treated well. It’s not always so black and white but the good majority of interactions in your life will be a direct reflection of how you treat others.

How To Be More Ethical

Maybe you’re reading this right now and you can remember a time where you weren’t making decisions with ethics in mind. Well then this section is for you, I’m going to give you a few ways to keep ethics in mind, even when life is tough.

  1. Be Honest. ¬†If you follow just one tip/rule at all, this one will keep you on track. Being honest is the easiest way to make ethical decisions. Tell people hot it is, don’t sugar coat anything. They will appreciate you much more for this.
  2. Think about others before you make actions. It’s always important to think about the person who your decision or words will affect. Avoid personal biases, make decisions that benefit both parties but keep them in mind just a little more. Like I said, this will come back to you in some other interaction in life. Don’t be worried to take a slightly less position than your customer.
  3. Put yourself in their shoes. What decision would you want done if you were the customer and they were the business owner with this decision? Doing this little mental exercise usually puts things in perspective and outlines the most ethical decision.

Being ethical is not difficult, it takes the same amount of effort to be a bad person as it does to be a good person. Start looking at life with a mindset of, “whose life can I make better?” and trust me, you’ll be much happier with yourself than you would if you made a few hundred or thousand more dollars. Money isn’t everything.

I hope this was useful to some of you, contact me here.


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